Water Supply

About Our Water


The Public Works Department routinely monitors our drinking water for potential contaminants.

To report a possible water break please call City Hall during regular business hours, during non-business hours please call the non emergency Hometown Police Department at 708-422-2188.

Each Hometown residence has a inside water meter where your water passes through to measure your usage for billing purposes. Wired to your inside meter is an outside ROM (remote reading device). Your ROM is read by our meter readers every third month, the other two months our computer system estimates your bill from your previous 24 months readings. We encourage our residents to periodically check to make sure the two reading remain the same. If you notice a difference in the two reading please call City Hall to report this to avoid a large water bill down the road. The inside reading is the accurate measure of your usage.

Water Main Breaks 


  1. Public Works

    Physical Address
    4331 Southwest Highway
    Hometown, IL 60456


    Fax: (708) 424-7589

    Monday through Friday
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm